“A quick introduction to all the aspects of engineering”

Yannick Bisscheroux (26) works as a mechanical engineer at Mennens Cleanroom Cranes. Commercial Director Danny van Deuzen (54) was at his job interview and has seen how quickly Yannick is progressing. A two-in-one interview.


After studying mechanical engineering, Yannick got in touch with Mennens Cleanroom Cranes in mid 2022. He explains: “I had a good feeling during the interview process. I noticed that there were opportunities to grow and learn a lot in a short time. This is important to me because, as a ‘budding young professional’, I’m still discovering where my strengths lie and what I enjoy most. After the interview, I clearly understood what industry Mennens Cleanroom Cranes operates in. In short, innovative and definitely relevant both now and for the future.”

10 Werken bij_Yannick en Danny

Danny has witnessed Yannick’s progress from the very beginning. He recounts: “During the interview, I could feel his enthusiasm to take on challenges and learn. And that turned out to be true. Yannick is showing wonderful growth and taking on more and more responsibility.”


During the first six months, Yannick’s focus was on writing technical manuals for the cranes that Mennens Cleanroom Cranes designs and assembles. “This included user manuals for our customers, assembly manuals for the workshop as well as service manuals. At first, it was quite a challenge to translate the vast amount of technical information into clear and straightforward manuals. Thanks to some great guidance and my helpful colleagues, it all worked out. I really learned a lot.”


“Before long, I got the chance to take on more projects”

Plan for level tool

Yannick continued: “After finishing the manuals, I was given the opportunity to take up other projects. For example, we use a level tool for our cranes, which is similar to a spirit level. You place this tool on a load to measure whether it is hanging crooked. It shows whether a lifting point needs to be levelled, and which lifting point that is. This tool still needed some calibration and design improvements. So I wrote up a plan.”


In the meantime, Yannick has become acquainted with virtually every aspect of engineering. “When our Quality Engineer is away, I take over his responsibilities. I then oversee the quality of our products and come up with solutions if required by the situation. For this, I interact a lot with the head of our workshop and suppliers.”

He adds: “I also handle requests for engineering changes. Sometimes, an improvement to an existing crane comes to light from engineering or production. Then I work together with my colleagues to come up with a solution and make any necessary adjustments to the 3D drawing.” In the meantime, Yannick has been given the opportunity to take on responsibility for the full 2D and 3D drawing package as part of an entirely new project.

Innovative ideas

At Mennens Cleanroom Cranes, the number of young colleagues is growing. Danny explains: “Our team is getting more and more diverse. Every age group is represented. This creates a whole different dynamic. Younger colleagues have a different perspective on things and come in with fresh ideas and insights. On the other hand, junior staff can learn from the knowledge of their experienced colleagues. That’s valuable.”

Danny continues: “I enjoy working with young professionals. Like Yannick. He tackles challenges, is very IT/software savvy and learns quickly. But, young people can often feel uncomfortable contacting customers, for example. Or they find it difficult to convey their message properly and convincingly. I like having the opportunity to add to their experience and development in these areas.”

An interesting dynamic soon developed between Danny and Yannick. Here, like many new professionals, Yannick has benefited greatly from a bit of (personal) career guidance. They regularly engage in dialogue that sometimes takes the form of friendly, informal coaching, and at other times can involve more serious personal content.


“Yannick tackles challenges, is very IT/software savvy and learns quickly”

Great atmosphere

Yannick has found his place in the team. He explains: “At first, I was watching and waiting. I’ve developed in this area partly thanks to this feeling of togetherness and the informal atmosphere. I'm more assertive and much more confident in what I deliver. The organisation and people working here have definitely contributed to that. We have become rock solid over the past few years and all of the new faces each bring valuable skills and experience to the table.”

The future

That is why Yannick takes a positive view of the future. “I'm discovering more and more about where my interests lie. And I’ve still got so much to learn. Fortunately, Mennens Cleanroom Cranes has plenty of opportunities available for growth and development.”

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