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  1. Cleanroom lifting equipment: enhancer of workplace comfort

    Clean, ergonomic, precise and functional: cleanroom lifting equipment increases efficiency and workplace comfort. In addition, cleanroom lifting equipment enables us to move heavy weights with even greater precision. In addition, the material of which equipment is made and treated plays a crucial role as well.


    Choosing the right cleanroom lifting equipment depends mostly on:

    • the needs of the people who work in the cleanroom
    • the products that will be manufactured in the cleanroom
    • the requirements set by the industry.


    Not sure what you need? Get in touch!

    Do you have specific questions about our cleanroom cranes or need help designing your cleanroom? Don't hesitate to contact us on +31 162 38 38 00 or via the contact form. We're here to provide expert guidance and support.


    Cleanroom stainless steel equipment

    Take stainless steel. Hoists equipped with a stainless steel chain or complete stainless steel hoists are very common in controlled environments, especially in wet industries. It prevents the surface from being affected and materials from aging rapidly.

    Cleanroom stainless steel equipment is also common in dry industries, although this choice is less obvious. It’s good to note that stainless steel equipment is stronger than steel, yet more brittle. It is also up to five times more expensive than painted steel. Getting professional advice for your specific cleanroom demands would therefore always be our number one tip.


    Finding the right cleanroom equipment

    Cleanroom Cranes offers customized solutions that are in line with the very specific wishes and needs of each cleanroom. As there are many things to consider when choosing cleanroom equipment, we published a whitepaper. It contains all the information you need to choose the right (smart) crane for your cleanroom.

    More information

    Want to know more about cleanroom cranes and our cleanroom checklist? Please leave your question and personal details below. We are happy to get in touch and share our knowledge and tailor-made solutions with you.



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