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Why digital cleanroom crane applications improve the safety of pharma products

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer of drug products, your goal is to achieve and maintain the highest levels of transparency and safety. At the same time, ergonomic working conditions for those who work in pharmaceutical cleanrooms are extremely important to you. The digitization of the industry and subsequent smart and digital crane applications will help you reach these goals.


Why digitization

The digitization of the pharmaceutical industry was initially sparked by competition over costs, quality and customer satisfaction. However, it has turned out to be very beneficial to the industry. An example: pharmaceutical manufacturers can now label packaging and make it traceable. By labeling each and every product, drug fraud is being prevented.


Smart and digital crane applications

But there is more. The latest crane applications help minimize contamination of products during production. Three applications that are particularly interesting to the pharmaceutical industry are the combination of software and overhead systems, coordinated positioning, and remote login.


Software + overhead systems

Applying software to an overhead system allows for remote control of the crane. This means that no one has to come close to the product. This contributes greatly to the safety of the products, as humans are still the number 1 pollutant in cleanrooms.


Coordinated positioning

Coordinated positioning will help you to lift or lower a load at a very precise, predetermined location. The system functions semi automatically. Right now, systems are being developed that will function fully automatically.


Remote login

Remote login allows service providers – such as Cleanroom Cranes by Mennens – to login to the crane system via an ethernet connection. Service providers use remote login to monitor systems, check its maintenance status and potential faults, and update software. In short: remote login helps you gain insight into possible crane malfunctioning at an early stage, making it easy to anticipate quickly.


More information

Want to know more about how to pick the best solution for your cleanroom crane? Or are you curious to know what the best design and material choice is for your controlled environment? Then read our whitepaper that is specifically geared towards the pharmaceutical industry.