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The world is facing a chip shortage – here’s what we can do

From newspapers to governments: everyone is calling for action to combat the worldwide shortage of chips. But simply manufacturing more semiconductors is no easy task. It involves many sophisticated production stages that each require time, precision, and a high level of cleanliness.


A sophisticated process

Semiconductors are a very unique product. The manufacturing process of chips contains hundreds of steps. Finishing one semiconductor can take up to several months. It’s extremely precise work, on a tiny scale.

High-end machines

A semiconductor chip is made using silicon wafers. These silicon wafers pass through many different, high-end machines. Obviously, building just one of these machines already takes up quite some time. As thousands of big, small, and tiny parts that are produced in different places around the world need to be put together with the greatest precision, in a conditioned environment.


Precise assembling

More machines that make semiconductors are needed in order to extend the production capacity. But to assemble these machines, specially made cleanroom cranes are a must. The reason being that cleanroom cranes make production processes go faster while maintaining higher precision levels and required levels of cleanliness, help improve ergonomics and working conditions, and have a notable up time, meaning malfunctions are uncommon and availability is optimal.

Lifting and hoisting solutions by Cleanroom Cranes
Cleanroom Cranes produces extremely clean lifting and hoisting solutions that are used in controlled environments. These cranes help assemble and build machines that are needed to manufacture semiconductors.


Although these cranes are only a part of the entire semiconductor ecosystem, they are very much needed to increase production capacity in the long run. Because apart from COVID-19, digitalization is here to stay. Choosing the right cleanroom crane is therefore essential in order to extend the capacity of the production of semiconductors.


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