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The quality of your cleanroom crane starts with the quality of our process

By: Marc Heijnen, Quality and Supply Chain Engineer


At Cleanroom Cranes we design and build top-quality cleanroom cranes that meet the applicable standards for your cleanroom and the laws and regulations in your industry. This starts with the quality of our own internal process.


As an organization you want to be sure that your cleanroom crane meets the requirements of your industry and for your specific cleanroom. Whether you operate in the food, semiconductor, or pharmaceutical industry: with Cleanroom Cranes you can be sure of this. Because we don’t offer anything less than top expertise. And we continuously strive to improve the quality of our design and production process.


Looking critically at processes
As a Quality and Supply Chain Engineer, I ensure that quality is assured at the front end of the process and that we optimize it where possible. This means that I am often in touch with my colleagues. Together, we take a critical look at our processes and determine where they can be improved, made more efficient, and smarter.


Registering and optimizing
I register all opportunities to improve that quality. I have drawn up a process for the registration and rapid processing of these 'quality issues'. I include the suppliers and the internal organization in this so that they can follow this process as well. This enables me, among other things, to assess the suppliers on the quality of the delivered parts. The quality process is reflected in better-quality parts and, in the best case, also in a price reduction.


Quick Solutions
From the registered points, I work together with the suppliers or our internal organization to provide quick, targeted solutions. So that any impact on lead times and the customer is kept to a minimum. And by securing the quality issues, we prevent repetition as much as possible. Securing is therefore an important part of the process that I have set up for this purpose.


Shorter lead times
At the same time, with our registrations, we also discover patterns in our own working methods. This enables us to optimize them. For example, we see whether we can do certain steps in a process more efficiently. This ultimately pays off in a shorter lead time.


Guarantee quality
To guarantee quality and to be sure that the crane complies with the standards and laws and regulations in all areas, I always check whether the components and parts supplied by our suppliers do indeed meet the quality requirements. We leave nothing to chance. This way, you can be sure that your cleanroom crane will be installed punctually as agreed.

About Marc Heijnen

Marc Heijnen started in 2019 as a Quality and Supply Chain Engineer at Cleanroom Cranes. Here he oversees the quality of the internal process. His mission: to continuously improve the internal processes and with that the quality of the cleanroom cranes. He keeps his colleagues and suppliers on their toes. And does not shy away from being critical. This pays off in maximum delivery reliability, faster lead times, and qualitative cleanroom cranes that always comply 100% with the applicable standards for your cleanroom.