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Strijp-T Stories visits Cleanroom Cranes: read their story

In 2018, we moved into the TAB building on the Strijp-T terrain. Not only does the Strijp-T terrain tick all the boxes, but the community is also wonderful. To this day, we are still very happy with the decision to move. It’s a place that suits us very well and allows us to grow.


Our friends from Strijp-T stories paid us a visit to see how we utilize the TAB building. Of course, we proudly showed them how our custom-made overhead cranes and lifting solutions are built. Please read the great article written by Strijp-T about their visit to Cleanroom Cranes. The original article is written in Dutch so we made a translated version for non-Dutch speakers available.


Source: Strijp-T, Cecile Smeets (photo's) en Melanie Modderman (text)


"The TAB building provides us with the space to enterprise"


Cleanroom Cranes is located in the robust TAB building in the middle of the Strijp-T terrain. Here you will find a particularly tall, modern, and clean workplace. For many, this remains hidden from view, because you only discover these unique elements once you enter. For the Strijp-T Stories series, we take you to this beautiful building that houses a very special innovative international company: Cleanroom Cranes. We talk to After-Sales & Location manager Tjerk Ermen who gives us an impressive tour.


TAB building Strijp-T


Strong growth of global player at Strijp-T


Cleanroom Cranes, a brand name of the Mennens group, delivers state-of-the-art overhead cranes and lifting solutions for clean environments around the world from its base at Strijp-T. "Every cleanroom crane we supply -really, every crane- is custom-made," says Ermen.


After-Sales & Location manager Tjerk Ermen



"We are the market leader in this field and have built up considerable expertise since then. We apply this expertise to every crane we design, build and supply out of Strijp-T. With lifting capacities ranging from 125 kg to 40 tonnes, our cranes are incomparable to regular overhead cranes or lifting solutions, as they are specifically designed for cleanroom environments. For instance, our cranes are non-contaminating and do not leave any particles behind. This makes our cranes ideal for the high-tech manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and food industries."


To clarify, Ermen says: "Every sector has its own specific quality requirements for a cleanroom. Safe and efficient hoisting and lifting is very important in these areas. Apart from the hoists, everything is produced in the Netherlands. In addition, the cranes have to meet strict requirements, laws and regulations. Our cleanroom cranes amply comply with current laws and regulations and the higher ISO class. Knowledge and development are of paramount importance to us. We stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and techniques. We also invest heavily in training our employees with internal and individual training programmes. And we continue to grow."





Located in the TAB building since 2018


“In 2017, we started looking for new premises in order to realize the growth. We ended up in the TAB building, which was the former corrugated cardboard factory of Philips. Our head office is in Dongen and we had a branch in Oirschot. But because a major customer of ours is a well-known chip machine manufacturer from Veldhoven, the decision to move to Eindhoven was easily made. Our customers are now literally situated around us. And we make grateful use of the Brainport region and Strijp-T as the centre of the Innovation District.


The TAB building is solid and has an appearance that suits our company and our product. The original concrete structure of the building, with free spans of 20 meters and a height of more than 9 meters, is ideal for us.”



We continue to grow


"In 2018, we arrived with 4 people and now 25 people work here. And our growth is not over yet," says Ermen. "For instance, we are seeing a lot of changes in the food industry and the demand for our products is also increasing there. We are of course anticipating this. Since 2022, we have been renting an additional 800 m2 and given the relatively long lead times, we are already cautiously considering our next expansion plans at Strijp-T."


The atmosphere of a living room


"Apart from the premises, the facilities, and the space that we have here to do business, the customers, as well as the employees, are key for us. We want to provide a pleasant and productive working environment. To achieve this, we explicitly looked at the interior in combination with the furnishing. And given the special expertise of our company, it goes without saying that our interior had to be anything but standard. We opted for a large canteen with natural colours, in which a living room atmosphere has been created. People feel comfortable here. With a large central high table where we all start the day with a cup of coffee every morning between 7 and 7:30 am. And round tables in the canteen where we occasionally have a drink after working hours. In short, there is attention and space for relaxation.”




No nonsense mentality


“Keep it Simple is one of our principles. We speak a clear language and, for example, simplify difficult terms to everyday matters. We jokingly refer to the administration that books our flights and transport as 'the travel agency' and the Strijp-T Community of which we are a member, 'the neighbourhood association'. Nice and easy and no-nonsense. We see Strijp-T as an ideal meeting place where like-minded people inspire each other and connect. I must admit, though, that we could be a bit more active and participate more often in activities organised by this neighbourhood association," Ermen laughs. "But that will come naturally when we will be one of the businesses to be visited during the 'peek at the neighbours' event soon.






For us, Strijp-T means more than just a site where we are located as a company. It's the total package: the high-quality appearance, t he combination of special former Philips buildings that have been transformed and made suitable for the high-tech manufacturing industry, and the good accessibility by plane, train and car, ensure that our customers are keen on coming here. As long as we can continue to grow in this location, or in another building on this site, we do not want to leave here. After all, here we are 'close to all the action' when it comes to our branch, because a significant proportion of our customers are in the immediate vicinity, including at Strijp-T. And such a beautifully decorated site attracts young people. Which is important when it comes to customers, but certainly also for attracting new employees. We notice very clearly that for the new generation, the environment in which they work is becoming increasingly important. That is why we as a company pay a lot of attention to the design and family atmosphere within our company. Such an attractive environment including an enthusiastic and approachable Community fits in perfectly with that. Or was it the neighbourhood association?" adds Ermen, laughing in conclusion.


Read the original article.