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Prolong the lifespan of your cleanroom hoisting and lifting equipment

You have looked online, made various phone calls, and planned ahead. Finally, you found the best possible solution for your cleanroom. But how do you make sure it will last you a long time? Our tip: contribute to the lifespan of your lifting and hoisting equipment by making sure that cleaning runs efficiently.

Cleaning your equipment sounds like a no-brainer. But did you know that different coating types can influence cleaning efficiency? Take the wet industry, for example. The wet industry deals with aggressive liquids like chemical cleaning agents or meat juices like blood and brine (a condiment with salt etc.). These substances can react aggressively with materials in your machines. The solution: stainless-steel equipment. Stainless steel prevents surface deterioration, thus prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. 

There are other factors that positively influence the lifespan of a crane. Think of the ergonomic design and placement of hoists, switches and curves or the integration of new equipment into your existing environment. But also, for example, keeping load in position during movement. Mennens is an expert in all these aspects.

Get inspired, download the whitepaper
Are you (re)establishing a production environment, or are you considering doing this? Get inspired and read our whitepaper. And take us along in the process too. Based on the space and the desired layout, our consultants provide tailor-made advice without obligation. So that your crane is perfectly integrated into your workspace.