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How do you recognise a high-quality crane?

How do you recognise a high-quality crane?

Every cleanroom has its specific requirements. You can choose from a wide range of solutions and possibilities to meet these standards. Are you looking for a new crane in your cleanroom, or do you want to know if your hoisting and lifting equipment meets the high requirements and wishes? Then read on!


First of all: is it important to get a quality crane? Yes, absolutely. There are many advantages to purchasing a high-quality cleanroom crane. It easily meets the current laws, regulations and (international) standards, like ISO 14644. A good crane also delivers accurate work, allowing you to move precarious material without having to worry about accidents. And last but not least: a high-quality crane minimizes the contamination risk of your cleanroom because it leaves behind a limited number of contaminants.


So, what makes a crane high-quality? We recommend you use the abovementioned advantages as a guideline. Pay attention to these specifics when you shop online. And don’t forget to ask the right questions. How many particles does the crane leave behind? How precisely can it move? And is the crane in compliance with the laws and regulations concerning your industry?


Get inspired, download the whitepaper

Are you (re)establishing a production environment, or are you considering doing this? Get inspired and read our whitepaper. And take us along in the process too. Based on the space and the desired layout, our consultants provide tailor-made advice without obligation. So that your crane is perfectly integrated into your workspace.