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Don Quixote and the need for preparation. Especially in cleanrooms

As far back as the early 1600s, Spanish poet and creator of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, wrote: ‘Fore-warned, fore-armed. To be prepared is half the victory’. This is all the more important in these days of information and activity overload. To extend the idea a little, the more complex an undertaking, the more we need to be prepared.


Take today’s cleanroom manufacturing. With processes on the nano level in chip manufacturing, or those in pharma’s drug development processes, logistics management and therefore its preparation takes on a new level. Cleanroom Cranes, part of the Mennens Group, is specialised in cleanrooms. In making sure your cleanroom logistics run smoothly, efficiently, and in line with all the latest rules and regulations. So read on. We understand Cervantes. Victory awaits. If you prepare properly…


It's a kinda magic. Or is it ‘just’ good science?

Back in Cervantes’ time, the things we are now capable of would seem like magic. It was the time of the witch hunt and alchemy, of course. Yet preparation was apparently on the menu. Nowadays, semiconductor manufacturing creates circuit boards with detailing on a nano scale. That’s 10-9m, or in other words: there’s no way our eyes can see it. Pharma keeps us healthy, despite the state of the environment and the ageing population. And to greater and lesser degrees, we’re feeding close-on 8 billion people thanks to amazingly efficient food processing. None of this would be possible without excellent preparation and execution.


‘Controlled environments’

Controlled environments are just that. You have to have control of every movement, every process and every eventuality. Safe and efficient hoisting and lifting is therefore essential to get the raw materials into place. There is a lot to consider. From choosing the right materials and cable trays to developing dedicated software. And then, no two controlled work environments are the same. Companies themselves set very diverse requirements, and regulations differ for each sector and country. Increasingly so.


What do you need?

Do you have to keep the number of particles in the cleanroom to a certain minimum level? Or are you concerned with preventing contamination and the development of microorganisms? Lifting requirements range from a few kilos to well over 50 tonnes. Do you need one crane, or a multi-crane system? Manual or electronic power? Are you going to be moving products from ‘dirty’ zones to ‘clean’ ones? These questions don’t even begin to cover issues like ISO classification, wet or dry rooms, surface cleanliness requirements.


Preparation, preparation, preparation
So, before you start designing, talk to us. We’ve done this before. Let’s discuss the options. Ultimately, it’s about finding the best possible total solution. Mennens is the market leader in cleanroom cranes for controlled environments in the food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and semiconductor industries. Because unlike Mickey, we listen.


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