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Continuously developing: 25 years of cleanroom cranes

By: Dave van Zandvliet, Manager


Accurate and clean work? Hoisting and lifting according to the legislation and regulations of your sector are done with Cleanroom Cranes. Together, I would like to look back – but also forward – on the ‘cleanroom crane’. How has it developed in recent years? And what new functionalities are in store?


In the 1990s, the development of the cleanroom (crane) gained momentum. From then on, clean production processes are given a higher priority. Of course at Mennens in Dongen as well. In 1998, the demand for special cleanroom cranes grew so rapidly that a new production location was needed.


1998, 2008 and 2018
The new location became Cleanroom Cranes in Eindhoven. The perfect place for further specialization in clean lifting solutions. During almost 25 years, we have been developing three groundbreaking cranes here.


NXT crane
The NXT crane was the first cleanroom crane we built in Eindhoven. The crane complies with the new, stricter machine guidelines that apply since 1998. For the first time, the focus was mainly on working ‘cleaner than clean’. The size of the installation is noteworthy: the crane lifts loads of 5,000 kilograms under a very low ceiling.


NXE crane
In 2008, we shifted our focus to the new NXE crane. After all, this offered many extra possibilities. Customers could personalize the crane even more. For example, in terms of speed and workload. From then on it was also possible to build in a frequency regulator.


Interesting details: the NXE crane can lift and hoist with millimeter precision in the Z direction. And in the X-Y direction with up to two millimeters accuracy. The hoisting weight is four times 5,000 kg.


EXE crane
Ten years later, our EXE crane proves that the development of clean room cranes has not been stagnant. This crane can lift up to four times 10,000 kilograms, with 0.5-millimeter accuracy. Especially in the semiconductor industry, this crane proves its added value. Because it makes it possible to lift in clean rooms, where there is no contamination.


The cleanroom crane in 2028
As you can see, the possibilities of the cleanroom crane have increased considerably since 1998. In the future, I also expect a counter-reaction, which is that we will standardize the cranes more. Why? Because then we can deliver them even faster. At this time we already possess so much knowledge that it is still a hoisting and lifting solution that perfectly matches the wishes of the customer.


Furthermore, New A- and electrical components will play a major role. Digitalization is becoming even more important with regard to the use and maintenance of a crane as well. Think, for example, of monitoring it, which can then be done remotely.


Working with new cranes, what does it take?
All these new possibilities require new working methods. If an NXE or EXE crane siphons off a little too much, the material can get stuck in the machine. To prevent these situations and to properly train staff on the cranes, we developed training sessions with VR glasses at Cleanroom Cranes. It is the perfect way to get a lot of practice.


More information?

Curious about the possibilities of a cleanroom crane in your cleanroom? Please feel free to contact me for an orientation meeting, without any obligation. Or download our whitepapers.


About Dave van Zandvliet

In 1995 Dave van Zandvliet started from the bottom at Mennens in Dongen. He now holds the position of Manager at Cleanroom Cranes. In his years at Cleanroom Cranes and Mennens, he witnessed all the developments in the field of cleanroom cranes. He likes to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues and with you. Do you have a question about the possibilities? Then Dave is the right person to answer those for you!