About cleanroom construction

Building a cleanroom requires great planning and forward thinking. The decisions you’ll have to make depend on the industry (and additional regulations), your production process, budget, time, and equipment – e.g. a cleanroom crane


Professional advice makes the entire cleanroom construction process much easier. And that’s where Cleanroom Cranes comes in. Consider the following prior to constructing your cleanroom:

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Cleanroom construction materials

Material choice is an important step in every construction process, but even more so during cleanroom construction. Choosing the right cleanroom construction materials might be a challenge. There are a lot of options and requirements to consider.

A cleanroom crane

When it comes to cleanroom cranes, our advice would always be: the sooner the better. Meaning that you’ll save a lot money, time and space if you already take into account the conditions needed for your desired cleanroom crane during cleanroom construction. At Cleanroom Cranes, we are happy to provide cleanroom crane advice at this stage.


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Working at Cleanroom Cranes Eldrichd and Dominique


Working at Cleanroom Cranes - From the workshop to the office, we work together here

Eldrichd van Eijma (25) and Dominique van Nes (25) started at Mennens Cleanroom Cranes in 2022. They soon noticed that there was plenty of room for growth and development, and that their individual input was valued. While Eldrichd is gaining experience as a production worker and technician in the workshop, Dominique is learning every day in the office as an administrative assistant. They now share with us their thoughts on their experience.

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Lifting Solutions Elevate Industry Standards in 2023 Annual Review

Mennens Cleanroom Cranes is part of the Lifting Solutions Group of Axel Johnson International. In the 2023 annual review Axel Johnson shares the beautiful results of this group.

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NXE overhead crane for cleanrooms


To achieve the cleanest possible lifting solution with a cleanroom crane, every detail has to be just right

Using a lifting crane in a cleanroom or controlled environment offers massive benefits in terms of efficiency. But air purity, particle dispersion and outgassing levels do have to be kept in check. What does this involve?

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Strong in super-clean cranes for more than 25 years

Mennens has been around for (over) 135 years! We have been offering our customers excellent craftsmanship since 1888. And since 2024 we follow a new path with Mennens Cleanroom Cranes as an independent business. In the article below from Mennens' anniversary magazine we look back on the start of Cleanroom Cranes. And we look ahead.

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