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(Re)designing your conditioned environment? Don’t forget the cranes!

(Re)designing your conditioned environment

Are you involved in the (re)design of a conditioned environment? And are you exploring your options? We know there are many. To help you achieve the perfect set-up for your cleanroom, we have a tip: don’t forget about the cranes!


Lifting capacity of 50 kilos up till 20 tons. One or multiple cranes. Electric drive or manual. These are just a few options. Cranes come in all forms and sizes. Finding the one that is perfect for you might be tricky, and the many options could lead to a choice overload. Our advice? Plan ahead.


Why? Because implementing a crane is often custom work. By taking your equipment into account early on, your crane will fit perfectly into your cleanroom. Consider integrating existing equipment into your new set-up, think about the ergonomic design of your crane and pay attention to the placement of hoists, switches, and curves. This way, your cleanroom will have the best possible execution and routing. For an efficient and smooth production process.


Get inspired, download the whitepaper

Are you (re)establishing a production environment, or are you considering doing this? Get inspired and read our whitepaper. And take us along in the process too. Based on the space and the desired layout, our consultants provide tailor-made advice without obligation. So that your crane is perfectly integrated into your workspace.