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My challenge: to contribute and to ensure that our specialist cleanroom cranes are delivered to the customer’s satisfaction

By: Leon Boer, Work Planner


At Cleanroom Cranes we are always looking for technical talent, such as Machine Builders and Mechanical Engineers. Will you be working with us? Then you can count on your colleagues. I myself started working as a Work Planner in 2019. As a Work Planner, I supervise projects from start to finish.


At Cleanroom Cranes, being a ‘Work Planner’ is much more than just preparing a project. For me, it’s what makes this job so interesting and varied. I am involved in a project from the moment an order comes in all the way up to invoicing.


Processing orders, purchasing/ordering, and invoicing
When an order for a new cleanroom crane comes in, I am the one who processes the order in the ERP system. With the approval of the project leader, I convert the order into an assignment confirmation, after which the project can really start.


Procurement from suppliers
A very important part of my job is buying/ordering the right products and components for the cleanroom cranes. This entails a lot of contact with suppliers. Especially with the so-called 'long leads' (products with a long delivery time), I make sure I buy/order in time.


Preparing work orders
Once the required materials have been received, our machine builders can start assembling the cleanroom crane. I can prepare work orders for this. So that the machine builders can get to work quickly and smoothly. Furthermore, I can enter the technical data of the crane systems into our ERP system to issue the necessary certificates for crane systems and lifting equipment.


Getting started with Cleanroom Cranes
What makes working at Cleanroom Cranes so great? Whether you work as a Machine Builder, Mechanical Engineer, Project Leader, or in a completely different capacity: you are busy building specialist cleanroom cranes every day. We design and assemble cleanroom cranes for extremely clean production environments. For example, the semiconductor industry, food processing industry, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. These are not just any cranes, but highly advanced solutions that have to comply with very strict and diverse requirements. It gives me great satisfaction that I’m able to make a contribution to this process.


Are you my new coworker?
Would you like to work on highly advanced cleanroom cranes for our (international) customers? Discover our vacancies and apply. We would like to meet you.

About Leon Boer
As a Work Planner, Leon Boer is the 'invisible force' in our midst. From order processing to purchasing/ordering products and components, to project administration and preparation to invoicing. As a Work Planner, he contributes to every project from start to finish, to ensure that the project runs smoothly. So that our customers can count on a high-quality cleanroom crane that meets the set requirements.