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hygienic construction in the food sector

Last Monday, the symposium on hygienic construction in the food sector was certainly not about teaching construction workers how to wash their hands properly. What it was about was the need to design and build environments in such a way that hygiene and therefore food safety are optimally expressed.


The fact that food safety was chosen as the theme did not come out of the blue. Its importance is increasing hand in hand and in the area of ??legislation and regulations the necessary changes are imminent in the coming years. In addition, food safety also has a social, social side. Anyone who produces, processes and / or distributes food just has to make sure that nobody gets sick of it. Nobody involved in the construction of a building or jointly responsible for the design of a food-related production process cannot escape its responsibility when it comes to hygiene and food safety and will therefore have to manage its affairs well.


Sharing knowledge

Schmidt Zeevis BV showed how to create hygienically sound construction concepts that are related to the risks with regard to food safety in the production, transport, storage and processing of food.


PP4C shared its knowledge and experience with regard to food legislation and regulations, the V-Model for the realization of industrial buildings in general and Controlled Environment spaces in particular, as well as the results of a study of the Food production sector in the Netherlands and Flanders.


The EVO-Fenedex introduced the new Hygiene Code for the transport and storage sector within the food sector and the principles of a correct HACCP system. The importance of this theme was emphasized and clearly explained on the basis of some practical examples.

To conclude, a clearer picture was created in a forum discussion about the general opinions with regard to the themes of food safety and hygienic building.