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4 productivity-enhancing innovations for cleanroom cranes

Tijdens deze sessie gaat Dirk in op de valkuilen, mogelijkheden en de geldende wet- en regelgeving

Every cleanroom has its specific demands. To fulfil these, you can choose from a wide range of solutions and possibilities. There are many different mechanical and electrical lifting and hoisting solutions for conditioned environments. But which ones increase work efficiency and work pleasure? In this blog, we will highlight four innovations.


1. Integrate the ‘new’ with the ‘old’

Even a ‘simple’ overhead crane can be upgraded to a high-tech solution. Using smart solutions and a different construction, you minimalize pollution and contamination during product handling. But that’s not all. Lifting and hoisting equipment can work together with other existing systems and software. Take, for example, the SCADA system. It’s highly effective in environments where people are not allowed for security reasons. The SCADA system takes control of the crane, resulting in a safer environment and a more productive and efficient workflow.


2. No more lift sway

Let’s say you’re moving a horizontal load. You stop by letting go of the controls. The crane bridge stops, but the load keeps moving because of its forward acceleration. It starts to swing. This sway is uncontrolled and can have harmful consequences for its immediate surroundings. The solution: the sway function. When enabled, your system will continue moving for a short while after you stop it, and lift the sway.


3. Coordinated positioning
Moving delicate and fragile material, such as nuclear waste, can be tricky and dangerous. People are not allowed within the storage space or bunker, so you need to move the load automatically. This must be done with the utmost precision. Using a coordination system allows the overhead crane to safely bring the material to its predetermined, final position.


4. Switch to a Dyneema Tycan® chain
We’re not just saying that because we love the brand. There are important advantages to using a Dyneema Tycan® chain instead of a steel or stainless-steel chain. They are much lighter, and therefor easier and more ergonomically to use. But the emission of particles is where it’s at. Dyneema Tycan® chains are lighter, resulting in a ‘cleaner grade’ of the underlying surface.


Want to know more?
Wonderful. We love to share our expertise with you. That’s why we published a whitepaper, containing all the information you need to choose the right crane for your cleanroom.