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    PIH/H100 Cleanroom hand chain hoist

    PIH/H100 Cleanroom hand chain hoist

    The PIH / H100 cleanroom manual chain hoist is a robust hoist that is suitable for use in clean rooms.

    Standard delivery:

    • 3 meters lifting height (max. between top and bottom hook).
    • 2.5 meters operating height.


    • Available in any other lifting and operational heights.
    • By using Stainless steel load- and hand chain, they can be used in food industry.


    • EN12100-1/2, EN13157, EN818-7
    • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
    • Standard: EN 13157, EN 818-7
    • With EKH Certificate



    PIH/H100-500KG-3M                   WLL. 0,5 t. Lifting  height 3 m      Construction height 277 mm                  Weight 10 kg      Hand force max. 22 kg

    PIH/H100-1000KG-3M                 WLL. 1 t. /Lifting  height 3 m        Construction height 303 mm                  Weight 13 kg      Hand force max. 25,5 kg

    PIH/H100-2000KG-3M                 WLL. 2 t. Lifting  height 3 m         Construction height 379 mm                  Weight 22 kg      Hand force max. 34 kg


    • Cover chrome-plated.
    • Side plates nickel plated.
    • Top and bottom hooks nickel plated and have safety latches.
    • In case of overload, the hooks will gradually bend and do not suddenly break off.
    • Nuts and base discs of stainless steel.
    • Hand chain made of stainless steel.
    • Load chain nickel plated.
    • Number of falls.
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    • Aerospace industry
    • Food industry
    • High-tech industry
    • Medical industry
    • Pharma industry
    • Semiconductor manufactering

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      The after-sales department of Cleanroom Cranes provides reliable service worldwide.

      • Delivery of all required spare parts for both preventative and corrective maintenance.
      • Development of a suitable maintenance & inspection program according the local and international regulations.
      • Development of a proper maintenance & inspection program including the stock of operational spare-parts will prevent unexpected downtime of the crane.
      • Personal training on product usage.