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  1. Aerospace

    Aerospace industry

    Your business assembles or manufactures parts or mechanisms that deal with vehicular flight within and beyond Earth’s atmosphere. We don’t need to tell you how incredibly precise your production process is. What we can tell you: a hoisting device could be a welcome help.

    We offer high-quality and very accurate cranes that will decrease your workload and increase your capacity. How accurate are our cranes? With a smart solution such as automatic balancing, our cranes are up to 1mRAD/m accurate. This is equal to one-millimeter height difference in one meter. And there are even developments to improve this number up to 0,1mRAD/m accuracy.

    Automatic balancing is just one example of the many innovative solutions we offer. We would love to hear what your technical and operational requirements and/or challenges are. As market leader in high-quality cleanroom cranes, we are confident we can meet them.

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    5 advantages

    • High level of cleanliness according to ISO 14644, up to class 5
    • Lifting capacity up to 32 metric tons
    • Excellent in use for precise lifting actions
    • Wide range of possibilities and configurations
    • Worldwide delivery and dedicated service
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