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    Customised VR training tool

    This is a specially designed virtual reality training tool for (future) crane operators. A realistic 3D environment simulates every combination of hoisting activities using a real controller. The advantages of the twin crane trainer

    • improve the skills of the crane operator

    • train without using real cranes in the cleanroom

    • train without supervision

    • train at any time and any place convenient for the operator or company involved

    • train without obstructing the flow of production

    • train without making mistakes directly causing damage and/or downtime

    • create any possible hoisting situations


    • Oculus Rift VR kit
    • AUTEC Crane controller
    • AUTEC Receiver kit with USB interface
    • Compatible with PC/Notebook Windows 7 or 8

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    • Aerospace industry
    • Food industry
    • High-tech industry
    • Medical industry
    • Pharma industry
    • Semiconductor manufactering

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    The after-sales department of Cleanroom Cranes provides reliable service worldwide.

    • Delivery of all required spare parts for both preventative and corrective maintenance.
    • Development of a suitable maintenance & inspection program according the local and international regulations.
    • Development of a proper maintenance & inspection program including the stock of operational spare-parts will prevent unexpected downtime of the crane.
    • Personal training on product usage.