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    Monorail crane - Alu Eurosystem Light max 2ton with Belt Hoist

    A monorail crane, like the Alu Eurosystem Light with belt hoist, relocates objects and materials from one place to another, usually within a restricted area. And can be applied for all markets and is especially designed for linear transport applications.


    A monorail crane hoist has wide range of solutions in material, working load limit and suspension type.


    All components are made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel to guarantee total cleanness in controlled environments.

    • The monorail systems can be delivered in various options:
      • Steel coated
      • Aluminum
      • Stainless-steel 

    • Curves possible on request

    • Electric traveling drive

    • Optional remote control


    • EC European standards
    • Up to WLL 5.000 kg
    • Cleanroom Belt hoist
    • Runway, suspension and construction by design
    • Lifting height depending on WLL and hoist. Up to 9 meters


    Which monorail crane should you choose?

    That depends entirely on your demands and the product you work with. Request more information and take us along in the process. We provide tailor-made advice without obligations.


    Or contact us at +31 162 38 38 00 or to make an appointment.

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    • Aerospace industry
    • Food industry
    • High-tech industry
    • Medical industry
    • Pharma industry
    • Semiconductor manufactering

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      The after-sales department of Cleanroom Cranes provides reliable service worldwide.

      • Delivery of all required spare parts for both preventative and corrective maintenance.
      • Development of a suitable maintenance & inspection program according the local and international regulations.
      • Development of a proper maintenance & inspection program including the stock of operational spare-parts will prevent unexpected downtime of the crane.
      • Personal training on product usage.