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About material handling systems and cleanroom crane equipment

In some industries like the pharmaceutical industry, material handling needs to be done in extremely clean environments. A cleanroom is then part of a much larger material handling system, which is designed to collect, manufacture and distribute materials and goods.

A cleanroom in turn requires a specifically designed cleanroom crane to move and relocate products across relatively short distances. These cleanroom cranes are frequently supported by additional cleanroom crane equipment and tooling.


Additional cleanroom crane equipment and tooling

Auxiliary cleanroom crane tooling and equipment support hoisting equipment. Therefore, they greatly contribute to clean material handling systems. At Cleanroom Cranes, we offer adaptable cleanroom crane equipment and tooling. For a general impression, please take a closer look at the following list to find out more about the different solutions we offer:


  • lifting beams
  • platforms
  • stackers
  • big bag frames
  • synthetic slings
  • stainless-steel chain configurations


Cleanroom fall protection and VR training solutions

Cleanroom Cranes offers additional support solutions, like fall protection cranes and VR training solutions. These solutions enable mechanics to work safely at great heights in cleanrooms. Hence, these fall protection tools and VR training solutions are specifically designed for clean environments. These solutions are always designed on request and tailored to our client’s wishes and needs.


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