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We offer a wide range of products suitable for industries who require cleanliness, high quality and a precise way of working. Together with an international group of partners projects are effortlessly turn keyed throughout the world.

  • Semiconductor manufactering

    Semi Conductor
    The semiconductor industry is perhaps one of the fastest-changing industries. The semiconductor manufacturing process has one motto: smaller, faster, and cheaper. And that is precisely where Cleanroom Cranes comes in.

    High-tech industry

    High Tech
    The high-tech industry is an important part of the economy, employing millions of workers all around the world. It is also a fast-changing industry, with new technologies and solutions being invented all the time. What doesn’t change, however, is the need for clean hoisting equipment.

    Food industry

    Your company processes, converses, prepares, preserves and/or packages foodstuff. All of which need to happen in controlled environments. But how can you guarantee your customers the best and most consistent quality? By investing in a cleanroom crane.
  • Medical industry

    The medical industry is one of the largest industries and is expected to continue growing well into the future. Technological innovation will be key in this process. And that is where we come in. We offer innovative and hygienic cranes for your cleanroom that will boost your efficiency.

    Pharma industry

    Whether you manufacture medicine or medical aids, you use a cleanroom or controlled environment. Because small particles can negatively affect your manufacturing process. We can help you get the perfect crane for your cleanroom.

    Aerospace industry

    Your business assembles or manufactures parts or mechanisms that deal with vehicular flight within and beyond Earth’s atmosphere. We don’t need to tell you how incredibly precise your production process is. What we can tell you: a hoisting device could be a welcome help.