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  1. About a pharmaceutical cleanroom

    In the pharmaceutical industry, pharma cleanrooms are installed to protect products. Contaminant-free and aseptic production processes are a must here.


    Cleanroom requirements for pharmaceuticals

    There are no laws and regulations that apply particularly to pharmaceutical cleanrooms. However, the pharmaceutical industry itself is heavily regulated by federal agencies such as the US FDA, the EMA, or the Dutch CBG. Which in turn also affect production processes within a pharmaceutical cleanroom.

    In addition, firms with a cleanroom in the pharmaceutical industry set very high standards themselves, in order to prevent:


    • Microbacterial growth
    • Gas or dust explosions (ATEX)
    • Migration (preventative)
    • Contamination (active)


    Cranes in a pharmaceutical cleanroom

    Pharma cleanrooms require extremely hygienic cranes. The smallest particles can already negatively affect production processes or have other unintended effects. Cleanroom Cranes by Mennens offers tailor-made cleanroom cranes with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, and coatings with silver ions to limit the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. Furthermore, these cranes provide optimal accuracy and work silently. A solution that benefits your end product in consistency and quality.


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