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  1. About ergonomic lifting devices

    Rules and regulations concerning ergonomic working conditions have become increasingly strict over the past few decades. This includes regulations for lifting materials.


    The solution? Ergonomic lifting equipment that increases efficiency and workplace comfort. But how can you use this equipment effectively while also complying with strict regulations and requirements in terms of hygiene and food safety? Cleanroom Cranes offers suitable solutions.


    Ergonomic lifting and hoisting in cleanrooms

    Lifting capacities in cleanrooms can vary from less than fifty kilos to well over twenty tons. To move these heavy weights, you can have just one cleanroom crane or multiple cranes that can be powered either electrically or manually.

    Virtually anything is possible in a cleanroom, as long as the specially designed cleanroom cranes comply with the laws and regulations of the industry. Ergonomic lifting equipment such as overhead cranes and jib cranes contribute to higher efficiency and more workplace comfort. Whereas sophisticated hygienic systems help to move products from ‘dirty’ zones to ‘clean’ zones.


    Tailor-made advice

    Remember: not one cleanroom is the same. Our ergonomic lifting solutions will therefore always be tailored to your wishes and needs, and material choice and surface treatment will depend on your industry and cleanroom usage.

    In addition, we continuously strive to enhance the productivity of our cleanroom cranes. Read more productivity enhancing innovations in one our latest blogs.

    More information

    Want to know more about ergonomic lifting and hoisting? We would love to get in touch. And share our knowledge and tailor-made solutions with you.



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