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  1. About cleanroom contamination control

    Contamination forms a challenge to many different industries. It takes place in two different forms: mechanically or biologically and mechanically. Contamination can exist of:


    • fibers, hair
    • gases, dust particles
    • microorganisms


    A controlled environment is designed to limit contamination during work or product processes. This could include controlled spaces in the food processing or pharmaceutical industry, or cleanrooms in industries such as the semiconductor industry.


    Cleanroom contamination control measures

    To prevent contamination within a cleanroom, multiple cleanroom contamination control measures are put into place. These preventative measures range from staff not being allowed to smoke six hours before entering a cleanroom to strict and sterile cleaning procedures.

    In any case, preventive measures differ for each cleanroom and industry. In the semiconductor industry, strong emphasis is put on minimizing contamination from materials and gases. Whilst in the food industry, minimizing the formation of microorganisms is key.


    The added value of a cleanroom crane

    Hygienic systems such as cranes also help prevent contamination and micro-bacterial growth. The advantages of a high-quality cleanroom crane:


    • it causes minimal cleanroom contamination and leaves behind a very limited number of particles, due to its smooth surface, coating agents, and functional design
    • it is compliant with current laws and regulations and (international) standards, such as ISO 14644

    More information

    Want to know more about cleanroom contamination control? We would love to get in touch. And share our knowledge and tailor-made solutions with you.



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